This is me. Renee, owner, designer & maker of Inspiration Vintage.

Not to mention the head of shipping, delivery, social media, gopher duties, etc...

 A one woman show, who truly loves to create my fun, happy little undies &

accessories. (Miss Sassypants is practically my middle name...)


Inspiration Vintage is the result of my passion for things from the past and my

love to sew. 

I cater to those who, like myself, are reluctant to follow the current style that

dictates we all resemble carbon copies of one another.  My pieces are unique,

fun & flirty and are lovingly handmade by me in Toronto, ON, Canada.

I've always felt that uniqueness and individuality are to be celebrated and



My focus is primarily panties and bralettes, but I create bodysuits,

garter belts and camisoles as well.  My fabrics of choice include primarily cotton

spandex & bamboo spandex knits and I currently design for sizes XS - 1X.

**I’m currently in the process of introducing 2X as well.**

(I pattern draft myself, and it's a slow, arduous process). 

I get easily distracted (Squirrel!), and there are always many ideas still

abounding in my head waiting to see the light of day.  


Here's to hoping that like many a great old movie, this is the beginning of a long




Any questions/inquiries contact  inspirationvintage@live.ca