Ruth Gordon - Maude or Ma, I'll take you either way....

I love that such hilarity can come from such a classy lady!! (Mind you, Bud Cort & Tom Skerritt hold their own in this as well.) Would you believe she was around 75 years old when this movie was made?? Not too many actresses have a career renaissance at that age.....

She was also pretty fabulous in "Every Which Way But Loose". The scene with her and her shotgun against the bikers can only be seen to be believed!

She also had quite a prolific career behind the scenes of the camera. I was amazed to discover that she helped pen the screenplay for the classic movie "Adam's Rib" starring Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn. Her writing partner was her husband at the time, Garson Kanin. She even received an Academy Award nomination for her work on this.

Her offbeat humour will always be the best in my book! I love the fact that she delivered her comedy like it was the most natural thing to say, and from such a tiny little woman, to boot......

All I can say is - "Yay Ruth"!

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