Greer Garson - Refinement Personified

While some of you may not be familiar with Greer Garson, she was one of America's top 10 box office draws in the 1940's. She was smart, witty, beautiful and an absolutely brilliant actress. What some people may also not know is that she was quite well educated. She had degrees in both French and 18th Century literature.

Two of her most famous movies (and also my favourites), were Mrs. Miniver and Random Harvest, both from 1942. In both movies Greer played characters at were strong when dealing with the hardships thrust upon them, yet still totally lovable and endearing. It is with good reason that she won an academy award for Best Actress for her role in Mrs. Miniver.

That movie warms my heart for so many different reasons....I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised though to discover that she eventually married the actor that played her son in the film, Richard Ney. (He was 15 years her go, girl!)

She seemed very refined, yet completely down-to-earth and very relatable. She was quite well known for her good nature and by all accounts she was apparently a joy to work with. It's always refreshing to hear of a celebrity who wasn't ill-tempered and difficult to deal with. My, how times have changed...!!!

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