(A Manifesto of sorts.....)

Inspiration Vintage is the result of my passion for things from the past and my love to sew.  My creations involve looks from the fifties, sixties and seventies, but I delve into whatever era inspires me at any given moment.


I cater to those who, like myself, are reluctant to follow the current style that dicatates we all resemble carbon copies of one another.  My pieces are unique, fun & flirty and are lovingly handmade in Canada.


Uniqueness and individuality are to be celebrated and appreciated.  I often yearn for times when men were chivalrous and debonair, and people took much more pride in their appearance.


My fabrics of choice include primarily cotton spandex and bamboo spandex.... The beauty of my design is that unlike true vintage pieces, the fabric is not fragile or difficult to care for.  


My focus is primarily women's panties, bralettes & bodysuits.  I tend to design in various sizes - panties are size Xs- 1x.  Bralettes are available in sizes Xs - 1X.


While I may not have multitudes of items for sale, be patient.  Many ideas still abound in my head waiting to see the light of day.  Sometimes, the more TCM I watch, the more creative I seem to become.


Here's to hoping that many a great old movie, this is the beginning of a long affair......